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Classtra to give online classes and earn money with it

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If you are looking for a platform to give online classes, and you have already reviewed these options to give language classes, Vstudio to give Yoga and fitness classes and other options from our category of academic projects, take a look at the recommended option of the day.

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This is Classtra, an option designed to make it easy to teach remotely, ideal for instructors who conduct live remote sessions.

Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and other options are built for meetings, while Classtra is built for education from the ground up.

Classtra offers built-in automation, analytics and feedback, with numbers that help improve our skills and increase engagement. It has a “robot” called Robi, in charge of collecting participation and interaction data, suggesting actions to the instructor to improve participation.

They have different types of registration (walk-in sessions, hourly packages, and more), and have public APIs for integrations with other platforms.

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Regarding the cost, there is a free option that only charges a commission of what the students pay, so it is ideal for those who want to try the platform without investing anything before having income.

Classtra has automated messaging, reminders, and scheduling, and we can host our course on our own domain, send welcome emails, and other communications from our email address. It also creates certificates in minutes, in PDF, printable, for the students who finish our course.

A good option that has an interface only in English, but that has a lot of technology behind it so that the teacher only has to worry about teaching.

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