Chuwi LarkBox X 2023, we tested this affordable Mini PC

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He Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 It is the most recent addition to the catalog of mini computers from the Asian manufacturer. The creators of ubookrecently updated, they give us the small PC to know its benefits. A team that stands out for its Great value for the priceand that allows you with a minimum investment have a modern productive and leisure tool for house and office of work. After testing the compact LarkBox X 2023we are ready to tell you if it is as efficient as it promises chuwi. Forward!

Presentation, design and construction of the Chuwi LarkBox

With the LarkBox X 2023the company chuwi offers you a modern mini pc intended for the multitask. A economic compact computer whose hardware essential, but really current, wants to give a lot of play in the home and the office.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 Mini PC

Product box

He Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 It arrives in a box that is as simple as it is functional. The packaging lacks images of the product, it is limited to indicating its contents with a simple sticker on the back of the package.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

The simple product box is labeled to identify its main characteristics

The mini computer appears embedded in a synthetic foam bed, and wrapped in protective plastic. A cardboard envelope collects the documentation of the product, and a cardboard box hides inside the power adapter what does he need PC to work.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

The Mini PC is accompanied by the essential power adapter and the corresponding documentation

computer design

This device chuwi it is tremendously lightweight and very compact. He LarkBox X 2023 It is compressed until it is comfortably manageable with one hand, as it has measurements of only 12.7 x 12.7 x 4.9cm and a weight of 400 grams.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

The two-color chassis made of lightweight material integrates a ventilation grille in the lid

It sports a simple casing polycarbonate half whitehalf black. This new LarkBoxwith a rectangular design and rounded edges, ensures stable operation by relieving internal temperatures by promoting correct air circulation through the rear and top grilles.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

The small legs on the base of the Mini PC have a rubber ring to seat the device well

Technical details of the Chuwi LarkBox

One of the advantages of Mini PC of chuwiperhaps the biggest one, ignoring the issue of its low cost, is to include the pre-installation of the operating system Windows 11 Home. Something great, because you are enjoying the machine within minutes of taking it out of the box, completing a few simple steps in the previous configuration of Microsoft. In addition, the novelty of the product is infused by the brand new processor Intel N100released earlier this year, with integrated graphics UHD. The assembler escorts him with 12GB memory DDR5a sufficient margin to cover demands office automation and home entertainment.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Intel N100 processor

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

12GB DDR5 memory

Furthermore, the LarkBox X 2023 has a solution fast storagesince the manufacturer has in the equipment a M.2 SSD NVME 2280 with 512GB capacity. However, the most commendable thing about the product is the connectivity. The mini computer has five next-generation USB ports, highlighting type C; video outputs HDMI and DisplayPort; two RJ-45one of them gaming 2.5GbE; as well as a phenomenal wireless system with technology Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Two USB A 3.2 Gen 2 ports, one USB C and audio jack on the front

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

On the back it includes two USB 3.0 Gen 1 ports, HDMI, DP, and a pair of RJ-45 (one of them 2.5 GbE)

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 performance test

To evaluate the performance of Mini PC we have used the renowned program PCMARK 10. This software performs a battery of tests that emulates three equipment use scenarios. The first of them measures the performance of the computer in tasks essential. With an average of 6,688, exceeds our expectations. Not so in productivitywhere with an overall result of only 4,424 It is quite below what we expected. However, it is not surprising that the Achilles heel of this basic computer is the content creationsince the score of 2,322 It makes it clear how this device can suffer if you dedicate yourself to editing photos or videos.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

The general performance obtained in the PCMARK10 tests shows the limited performance of the system

The second test that we have carried out on the compact equipment of chuwi focuses on storage. Normally, the agility of the system is noticeable when loading programs and moving files, but there is nothing better to verify the performance of the unit. SSD that he software Crystal Disk. The results reflect that it is a basic category disc, since with values ​​of 500MB/s in reading and writingis very far from the performance that this type of units offer today.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

SSD storage performance is within expectations

Technical specifications of the Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details and extras of this Mini PC of chuwi:

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023
Dimensions 127 x 127 x 49mm
Weight 400 grams
Materials Polycarbonate
Color black and white
CPU Intel N100 (up to 3.4 GHz / 4 cores / 6 MB Cache)
GPU Intel UHD (integrated)
Storage M.2 SSD NVME 2280 512GB
card reader No
Optical unit No
OS version Windows 11 Home
Connection ports
Front ports
  • USB Type-C
  • Audio jack combo
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A x 2
Rear ports
  • USB 3.0 Gen 1 Type-A x 2
  • LAN x 2
  • HDMI 2.0
  • DP Port
Wifi Wi-Fi 6 AX101
  • RealTek RTL8125 Gaming 2.5GbE
  • RealTek RTL8158/8111 Gigabit
Bluetooth 5.2
Buttons Switched on
External power supply 12V/3A
Package content
  • Mini PC
  • Power adapter
  • User manual
  • Warranty documents and certificates

Conclusions, availability and price of the LarkBox X 2023

The economic LarkBox X 2023available at the best price in the Chuwi Storeis a good option to cover daily computing needs in the home and office environments. Are small and light that no more problems on the desk, going unnoticed even in the living room for those who do not want devices that cloud the decoration. And although its configuration has a essential performanceshows a lot solvency in multitasking processes that faces in a way efficient and fluidwhile being able to play content with ease.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

An efficient, compact, lightweight and very affordable mini computer

The experience with mini pc LarkBox X 2023 a product has been discovered for us efficient and agile when dealing with daily tasks in the home, perfect to be productive and meet the demands of leisure common. Therefore, taking into account its reasonable price, we distinguish the device from chuwi with the Gold GizAward.

Gizlogic Awards GOLD

  • Very affordable price.
  • Lightweight and super compact design.
  • Fast storage.
  • Good amount of memory.
  • Versatile and current connectivity.
  • Silent operation.
  • Includes Windows 11.

  • Very basic processor.

Total score

CPU performance

GPU performance


Power supply

Design and construction

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