Chrome, writing with a stylus is in development (thanks to Samsung)

chrome, writing with a stylus is in development (thanks to
chrome, writing with a stylus is in development (thanks to

The ability to provide input to Chrome without using your fingertips. Samsung would be working on this in view of the release of Android 13, a way to enhance the S Pen even more while in society the details are defined in view of the launch of the most precious folding of all, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which, like the predecessor, will support the stylus.

That someone is working on the introduction of handwriting on Chrome is undoubted, that the idea actually comes to fruition is to be seen. Meanwhile Mishaal Rahman gives news that the user @_dinsan found some Chromium code written by a Samsung engineer to allow the browser (and all the others who share the same basic scaffolding, Microsoft Edge for example) to recognize handwriting and convert it into characters on Android T, i.e. Android 13.

Probably for short inputs, such as addresses or search keys, the on-screen keyboard will still be more convenient (for passwords it should remain the only option), but some may prefer the stylus when there is text to write on a web page. According to colleagues from androidpolice.comthat handful of users who already use a Samsung device with the S Pen and Android 13 beta can already use handwriting on Chrome.

Who knows if Samsung does not talk about it during the Galaxy Unpacked on August 10, perhaps saying that the feature is in development and will arrive soon.

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