Chrome will show you in the future the strength of the new password you use

Google is one of the big technology companies that is working hard so that passwords on the Internet can go down in history.

But until that moment can come thanks to the so-called access keys of the new standard in development, or any future method that could also arise as an alternative or complement, it will be necessary to continue using passwords on a day-to-day basis for a period of time yet. indeterminate.

To have very secure passwords

In this sense, the use of secure passwords will continue to be necessary. In this regard, Google is working on bringing a feature that may be quite familiar to those who use third-party password managers, or have seen it on some websites when registering or updating their passwords.

It is an indicator function that will show the level of strength of the password chosen by the user, either when registering on a site or application, or when updating it, as revealed by the user @Leopeva64known for advancing the news of some technology, both on Twitter and Reddit, pointing out that this novelty is being implemented in the Chrome Canary channel, which will have to be enabled through its corresponding flag.

He adds that once it is available to everyone, it should reach Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia and Lacros platforms. Perhaps you can miss the use of this indicator when logging in when entering the password.

On the other hand, and in preparation for the use of access keys as an alternative to passwords, this user also has discovered an entry in Chromium gerrit in which it indicates that Google is working on the incorporation of a button for the password manager on the desktop that will facilitate «Manage access keys» being able to see and delete the access keys that are saved on the computer, and that it will also arrive to be integrated into the Windows configuration options.