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Chrome revolutionizes the way you use the incognito session

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It seems that Google chrome is enjoying all the changes and new features in its DNA. If we informed you the other day about the improvement implemented with respect to downloading files, now the ‘big G’ browser has surprised us with a revolution in the way of using the incognito session. If you are one of those who use the incognito mode in Google Chrome, this information will seem very interesting to you. This will be the incognito mode of Google Chrome from now on Google’s browser is trying to improve one of its great pending issues: privacy. This is something that Apple has more than assumed and for which it maintains as part of its identity to stand out from the competition. Maybe it has to do with the massive data theft that took place in 2022, or it was just time to get on with it. Be that as it may, Chrome is improving the field of cybersecurity, and it is something that they wanted to make clear to us from their own official blog. According to the information revealed by Google, very soon you will be able to protect those incognito tabs in Chrome through a fingerprint. In short, what the browser will allow is to block a certain incognito session. Once locked, when you want to unlock it, it will have to be through an unlock method that you have previously established yourself. These are the possibilities FingerprintPatternPasswordPIN How to protect incognito mode with this tool If you are one of those who use incognito mode in Google Chrome and want to protect your sessions in the browser as we have explained in the previous paragraphs, the process is very simple . These are the steps you must follow: Open the application Go to the browser options (the three dots) Settings Privacy and security Select the incognito mode block But, you may be wondering, how does the incognito tab block work? Very easy. When you exit Chrome, Google will automatically block these sessions. When you open them again, the browser will ask you to enter the unlock mode that you have predefined on the smartphone. A very useful change! >

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