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Chrome on Android has a new feature so no one can see your incognito tabs

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Google Chrome for Android is adding a new feature in its Privacy and security section.

This new option will protect the tabs you have open in incognito mode when you exit the browser on Android. We tell you what it is about.

How to block Chrome incognito tabs on Android

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The mobile usually has options that allow us to block the apps or the content that we want to keep private. However, we don’t have a similar option to protect browser sessions when we want to keep them private.

It is true that we can choose the incognito mode, but still anyone can open the browser and see the content. A problem that Google is already solving with the latest update of Chrome for Android.

As of the new update, Chrome allows you to block open tabs in incognito mode. That is, your incognito session will be locked when you close the web browser. And when you want to enter again, you will have to use the method that you have configured on your mobile device, be it a PIN, fingerprint, pattern, etc.

So anyone who opens the browser won’t see your incognito session, they’ll just be met with a black page and the message “Unlock incognito tabs”. One detail to keep in mind is that this option is not enabled by default, so you will have to activate it from the browser settings.

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To do this, go to Chrome Settings >> Privacy and Security >> Block incognito tabs when exiting Chrome. Once you activate this option you will see that the blocking that we mentioned before is enabled. And of course, you can deactivate it at any time if you don’t like its dynamics.

If you still don’t see this option on your mobile, don’t worry, since the Chrome update may take a few weeks to reach all users.

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