Chrome for Android will soon say goodbye to one of its main weaknesses. PDF reader is on the way

chrome for android will soon say goodbye to one of.webp.webp.webp
chrome for android will soon say goodbye to one of.webp.webp.webp

Google Chrome won over PC users and later extended its dominance to smartphones. It is already quite a web surfing veteran, but in Mountain View they continue to evolve it, the most recent is a function that will read aloud the content of the website. Before the end of the year, the scoreboards were also redesigned, with an interface in line with the new times.

In case it doesn’t convince us, we can remove it from our Android mobile, although now it continues adding new features to cover one of its weak points. Chrome for Android receives a PDF readerwhich will allow us to say goodbye to third-party applications and even the integrated Drive reader.

Chrome + PDF: a relationship that comes from the PC

If you usually use Google Chrome on a computer operating system, such as Windows, you will know that it includes a integrated PDF document reader. Very useful to avoid installing more programs, and to see them directly without changing apps. However, the Google OS version of Chrome does not perform this same function.

Chrome PDF

In fact, the usual thing – you may have noticed – on Android is to open these documents with the PDF reader integrated into the Google Drive app. Well, despite the fact that there are infinite applications for this purpose in the Play Store, Google has thought that it is time for Chrome for mobile also has it.

This feature has been spotted by X user, Leopeva64which is part of the new flags of Chrome. This flag allows Chrome automatically open PDF files as soon as they are downloaded. It was not in the stable version that you probably use on your mobile, but in Chrome Canary, the development version of the popular browser.

Specifically, this is what you should look for among the flags to find the PDF reader:


As we say, Google Chrome will view PDF documents automatically. In other words: there will be no need to download them to the internal storage Of the device.

Considering that rivals like Firefox already support opening documents, and that Microsoft’s Edge is also supported thanks to its extensions, Google is a little latealthough it will matter little to the users who use it on a daily basis.

Apparently, the first preview version of Android 15, expected in the coming days, has enabled a new module that includes a PDF viewer. Perhaps it will be used by the browser itself to bring this function to all mobile phones. A different method compared to its counterpart on computers, but equally useful.

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