Chrome for Android will have a ‘download scheduler’, how to activate it?

Chrome for Android will have a 'download scheduler', how to activate it?
Chrome For Android Will Have A 'download Scheduler', How To

If there is something that we have permanently linked to here and now, that is the downloads. What do you need a specific file? You enter the browser and download it, the reason why this new function prepared by those of Mountain View is, at least, interesting for novelty. And it is about having the option to program for a later time that, for whatever reason, we do not want to download it to our smartphone right now.

The idea that they manage from Google is so simple that it will be difficult for us to think why nobody had thought of it before. It is basically put a condition, or a date and time, that we want to download, through a new menu that we can access from the browser and that will arrive officially in a future release of the application. Presumably, version 86.

A program that is then downloaded

The great virtue of this new function is that it will not only allow you to set the moment in which to download a file, but it will serve you for those moments when you are out on the street but that you have to go down to the terminal occupies many, but that many megabytes. Since you do not want to spend the ones you have on the bonus of your mobile flat rate, there is nothing like waiting to get home to use the wifi but, unfortunately, in most cases and unless it is something transcendental for work, What we want to get off ends up being forgotten.

Download Scheduler in Chrome. Techdows

So to avoid this forgetting, nothing like telling Chrome to either start the download when it detects that we are connected to a wireless network, or that it does so at a specific time and day in which, supposedly, we will already be back home and under the umbrella of a Wi-Fi network. In this way, the Google browser is responsible for managing all the tasks that we entrust to it in the background and, when it finishes doing everything, we will receive an alert that what we wanted is already downloaded to our device.

This new feature It will arrive, presumably, with version 86 since it is now available in Chrome Canary (beta) through the famous flags. If you have access to that build, you must do the following to activate it: type in the address bar “chrome: // flags” and then search for “Enable download later “to activate it (it will appear as” Disabled “first).