Chrome Dev for Android lets you ‘add emotion’ to your screenshots with this experimental feature

Through the experimental functions of Chrome We can test those features still in development that Google has not released to everyone yet, such as its new dark theme for websites, its new zoom or the new, more emotional way to share a screenshot.

And is that the version Chrome Dev 98 Android hides among its experimental functions a new tool called ‘Add emotion’ that appears in the share menu, but in order to use it we first have to activate it.

A look at …


Add emotion

If we enter from the address bar to chrome: // flags and we activate the experimental function # lightweight-reactions-androidAfter restarting the browser, we can add reactions to our screenshots, or as Chrome Dev has called it, add emotion.

Chrome Emotion

When we click on the option Share… the new option will appear ‘Add emotion’. This option performs a screenshot and allows us to add emotions or reactions to said capture with an editor that offers us eight animated stickers that we can move and scale to place them anywhere in the image. We can add all the emojis we want in the screenshot.

When we have finished our composition we just have to click on the button of the check that appears in the lower right to confirm that we have finished editing the screenshot. Chrome will create an animated GIF and it will allow us to save it on the device or share it with any messaging application or social network.

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Chrome Emotion

Next we leave you with an example of what a GIF created with the new ‘Add emotion’ function of the version looks like. Chrome Dev for Android:

Chrome Emotion Gif

Via | Android Police
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