China enters the graphics card market determined to put NVIDIA and AMD on the ropes

China enters the graphics card market determined to put NVIDIA and AMD on the ropes
china enters the graphics card market determined to put nvidia

China intimidates. The time when this gigantic Asian country was limited to following at a certain distance the steps that the West was taking in the field of technology has passed to a better life. Today it is not reasonable to question scientific and technical capacity of this superpower, so its entry into a market that until now was relatively foreign to it deserves to be observed with respect.

This is the context in which Biren Technology, a Chinese company that we will probably hear about frequently from now on, has announced a series of graphics cards that, on paper, look surprisingly good. So much so, in fact, that there is no doubt that it is coming to the graphics hardware market with the firm intention of compete head to head with the solutions offered by NVIDIA and AMD.

This is how the GPU spends it, which promises to be faster than NVIDIA Ampere

The graphics processor that you can see in the photo that we publish below these lines is the BR100, and it is the current flagship GPU from Biren Technology. This chip has been manufactured by TSMC using its photolithography of 7nm 2.5D CoWoSa lithographic process that, on paper, anticipates that we are really facing a GPU that should be competitive in terms of performance per watt consumed.

More data that invites us to intuit the benefits of the BR100 GPU. Inside it brings together nothing less than 77 billion transistors (NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics processor integrates 28.3 billion transistors), incorporates 64 GB HBM2e-type VRAM with a maximum bandwidth of 2.3 Gbps, and implements the PCI Express 5.0 connection interface.


Another fact: this GPU according to its manufacturer has a capacity of 1000 TFLOPS in floating point operations with a precision of 16 bits. These specifications are dizzying, although, yes, this graphics processor seems to be designed to be integrated into professional workstations and servers, and not in gaming equipment.

The BR104 GPU incorporates 32 GB HBM2e-type VRAM and has an FP32 calculation capacity of no less than 128 TFLOPS

The GPU from this company that, on paper, seems to fit like a glove in an ambitious home PC is the BR104 model. Like the BR100 chip it is made by TSMC using their 7nm 2.5D CoWoS lithography, though this revision incorporates 32 GB VRAM type HBM2e and has a single precision floating point (FP32) calculation capacity of 128 TFLOPS. impress.


Beyond its origin, the emergence of a new company in the graphics card market is very good news for users. And it is because it will enter direct competition with NVIDIA and AMD, and more competition must necessarily lead to more competitive prices in the medium term, and, perhaps, also faster technological development. We’ll see. Until then, Biren Technology is definitely worth keeping a close eye on.