Chimpal, to create your website without writing code

In the past, creating a website necessarily involved the acquisition of a set of knowledge and skills that would allow programming the actions carried out by each of the site’s modules (backend), as well as defining the way in which the information would be presented to the user (frontend). .

Over time, this changed with the appearance of tools that already had the elements of the website predefined, so that it was only necessary to drag and drop them into the workspace and then adjust their characteristics and make them fit our vision. That’s how Wix, or the Divi, WordPress theme works.

Currently, there are tools that have further enhanced this task by being designed in such a way that you do not have to write not a single line of code to program its operation.

One of them is Chimpal, which has all the functions you need to create your high-converting, privacy-focused website.

With Chimpal you will have the opportunity to offer your visitors a website where their browsing experience is pleasant and they can easily access and view your products and services.

Also, the Chimpal editor has predefined sections, so that you can have them and implement them according to your preferences and criteria; All this without requiring advanced knowledge of programming or web design.

In case you want to add forms to increase your chances of conversion or make your visitors subscribe to your website, Chimpal has prepared for you a series of functions with which you can do it.

One notable aspect of Chimpal is the fact that it includes functions focused on measuring the metrics of your website, so you will not require Google Analytics to carry out this task. Also, you don’t need a cookie banner, since it’s privacy-focused.

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So with Chimpal you can keep up to date with aspects such as number of views that the pages of your website have, the dwell time of visitors, you can give them tracking conversionsas well as the form submission.

Chimpal will make your website fully responsive, so that both the information and the elements that make up the web page that you have created are seen without problems on any device.

You can make use of the templates that Chimpal offers you to customize your colors, buttons and fonts.

With Chimpal you won’t have any difficulties bringing your web project to life, whether it’s a SaaS, a personal website or an agency.