Check Out This Brilliant Way To Remove Color Casts In Photoshop

fstoppers removing color casts in photoshop.jpg
fstoppers removing color casts in photoshop.jpg

Michael Woloszynowicz is a great photographer and retoucher. Not only that, but he is a great instructor. His videos always provide clear and detailed instructions on techniques many of us want to know. Recently, Michael released this video regarding the issue of color casts on models. Although Photoshop offers many tools to get close, this method is a truly a brilliant way of thinking.

Being able to utilize color theory, the effect is natural and subtle. Most great retouching techniques implement gentle and subtle approaches in order to get to the end result.

Although we see the use of a portrait in the video, keep in mind that this technique can be used for any type of image. If you ever have an issue with a color cast coming into the frame from an outside influence, this will take care of it.

Check out more of Michael’s videos on his YouTube channel. You can also stay posted on his work and future videos on his Facebook page.

[Via Vibrant Shot Photography]


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