Check it out: Windows has installed an app without your authorization

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check it out windows has installed an app without your.jpg

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Nobody likes things installed on their computer without your consent. Not only because it is clear evidence of how unprotected we can be in terms of security, but because finding an app on your PC that you have not downloaded can be very shocking. This has just happened and you can check for yourself if your computer has been affected as has happened to thousands of people.

Does it sound familiar to you the name of HP Smart? If not, it may start ringing soon. This is the application that has been installed on Windows computers due to what is said to be a bug produced in the Microsoft Store app store. For now, the company is still investigating what happened but, in the meantime, you can proceed to delete the application itself.

What happened?

To check if your computer has been a victim of this problem, all you have to do is go to the Start menu and take a look at the “Recently installed” section. An indication should appear there informing you whether the HP application has been installed on your computer without permission. It doesn’t happen to all users, but it does happen to a large number. Furthermore, it happened on the same day: last November 29.

HP Smart icon in the Microsoft Store

The only good news is that there is now official clarification from Microsoft and, therefore, there is no need to panic. But in the first hours of the unexpected installation there were people who thought they had been infected with malware and they reinstalled windows to get out of trouble. What they found was that the app was still in the system. The only apparent solution is to uninstall it in the traditional way.

It is a precedent that worries

The application that has been installed as a result of an app store bug from Microsoft is, simply, the tool that HP uses with users who have one of its printers, both for troubleshooting and for general use. It is not an application that you should worry about having on your computer, but if you do not have one of these printers it is logical that you do not want to have the app. If you leave it installed there will be no risk, although logic says that you uninstall it to avoid taking up space if you are not going to use it at any time.

To do this, simply go to the Windows Add or Remove Programs menu and search for HP Smart. Then choose uninstall and you will forget about what happened. In general, this suggests that the incident is not as serious as it might be portrayed. But we have to process well what has happened. Because an app, without any authorization, has been installed on thousands of computers simultaneously. This time it was HP Smart, a tool that does not pose any type of threatbut we are aware that not all available applications in the Microsoft Store are of the same reliability.

HP Smart app interface for Windows

What if it had happened to some kind of dangerous app? ¿And if hackers take advantage What has happened to design a strategy that allows them to attack computers spread throughout the world? As we said, this is a worrying precedent that must be taken into account. Luckily, Microsoft is investigating and will most likely have made this a priority to avoid potential future incidents.

If, on the other hand, your computer is from the HP brand or you have an HP printer with which you are already connected, it is logical that you forget about the worry of having a surprise app. The reason is that HP Smart is already installed on all your computers and it is also installed automatically if you connect one of its printers. But still, don’t forget what we say about precedent. Let’s hope that Microsoft finds a response to what happened soon and takes action.

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