Check if you have roaming activated and avoid scares on the bill

We are in the height of summer, and the end of roaming in the European Union and some other countries of the European Economic Area do not charge additionally for using our data rate there. Of course, they do not charge us as long as we comply with the conditions, since the limit of gigs can change, as well as the time of use. Therefore, it is important to check if we have it active.

The price of gigabytes, calls and SMS is regulated, so that, even if we exceed our rate, we will not pay astronomical prices for it. That is the case in countries that are within the roaming agreement, but things change, for example if we travel to countries like the United States or use a mobile phone in Andorra, since for example in the latter they can charge us up to 12.1 euros per MB.

Therefore, it is important to check whether we have roaming activated for both reasons, whether we are going to use our rate in the country, or if we plan not to use it and we do not want to have unexpected additional charges.

Check if we have it activated in the operator

In the case of wanting to check if we have it activated, we have to do two things beforehand. The first is to go to the management area of ​​our account of our operator, where we can check if we have activated the power function navigate with roaming in other countries. We can also check it by calling customer service, but doing it from the app or the operator’s website is more comfortable, since we can also make sure that it is activated.

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Operators such as Movistar have several options for manage roaming beyond turning it off or on, being able, for example, to block calls from any number in Spain, or to prevent calls from being made abroad. Avoid calls from Spain It will guarantee us to enjoy a much calmer vacation.

Check roaming on your mobile

The second thing is to check it on our mobile. On iOS, the option is in Settings> Mobile data> Options. In there we have to mark the option of Data roaming, with which we can already use our card in another country.

In the case of Android, the process is similar, although it may change depending on the manufacturer of the mobile. We have to go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks. This is where the Data Roaming option appears. On Xiaomi mobiles, you have to click on SIM cards and mobile networks, and in there in Advanced settings. There’s the option to turn on Data Roaming.

If we want to be safe, we just have to deactivate the option in the settings, or directly activate the airplane mode to make sure that we are not going to connect to no network unintentionally. That way, we can continue connecting to free WiFi networks or Bluetooth activating both connectivity, with the peace of mind that we will not have additional charges by not using mobile networks.