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Cheap houses and apartments in Spain, those auctioned by the Treasury

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Are you looking for a house to buy? Whenever we carry out this action, we use the main real estate portals, which, although they offer us a wide variety of options to choose from, the price at which these properties are put up for sale is not always the best for our budget.

It is there where the need arises to explore other options in which we may be lucky enough to find a house that fits our preferences and that is within the limited budget that we have to be able to acquire it.

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recently the Tax agency announced the launch of a web page in which users can have the opportunity to Explore by province all the homes put up for auction by this organization.

This is how this web page groups all those homes and premises that have been seized by the Tax Agency so that they can be consulted by users who are interested in acquiring any of these properties.

On this website you can find all kinds of properties; from a floor to an industrial warehouse. Once you click on any of the offers that appear on this website you will be able to see a complete description of the property accompanied by images of it.

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In some of the published houses you can even find information about the charges you may have such as a mortgage.

Data such as the minimum bid, the sections, the deposit to be made, the appraisal of the property and the value of the auction can be found within the information that is part of the description.

It is worth mentioning that the page gives you the possibility of adding to favorites those homes that have caught your attention.

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Also, if you have the [email protected] PIN You can have a notification sent to your smartphone so that you are aware of the auction start date.

In case you need more information about the property you can obtain it clicking on the shortcut present in the tabwhich will take you to the BOE where you will have the opportunity to check how many bids have been made for that property, as well as the cadastral reference.

For the BOE it is necessary that you carry out the auction portal registration processeither with a digital certificate or by setting a username and password.

Only by creating an account will you have the opportunity to participate in the auction and bid on the property that has captured your interest.

Likewise, you will be able to observe in the property file the presence of the following telephone number: 91 598 63 34 in case you want more information about the auction.

Why are houses auctioned?

Houses are auctioned for various reasons. One of the main reasons is when the owner cannot meet his mortgage payments and the financial institution that lent him the money decides to sell the house at auction to recover the money owed. It may also happen that the house has been inherited and the heirs are not interested in keeping it, so they decide to sell it at auction. Other times, houses are auctioned off as part of an estate sale due to divorce or bankruptcy. In general, home auctions are used to sell properties quickly and efficiently.

Where is it cheaper to buy a house in Spain?

It is difficult to say exactly where it is cheapest to buy a house in Spain, as house prices can vary significantly depending on the location, the quality of the house and other factors. However, in general, it can be said that rural areas and the northern and eastern regions of Spain tend to have lower prices than urban areas and the southern and western regions of the country. It can also be helpful to compare prices in different regions and cities to get an idea of ​​where the best deals can be found.

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