ChatGPT’s New App Gets A Whopping 500K Installs In Just 6 Days

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ChatGPT’s New App Gets A Whopping 500K Installs In Just 6 Days

OpenAI is planning to expand ChatGPT to 11 new global markets. Although their latest launch was limited to the USA and iOS devices, the software crossed record-breaking installs of half a million in just 6 days.

The research was conducted by, who not only found that the app has 500k installs but also confirmed that this data ranks ChatGPT as one of the best-performing apps since 2022.

ChatGPT has been put above the 99.99th percentile of all new app launches in the US.

After ChatGPT took over the market, many similar apps followed suit to make the most of the hype, drastically increasing this industry’s competition.

However, most of these apps were fraudulent, either copying ChatGPT’s name or creating one on similar lines.

While it was easy to spot the fake ones, there were still a few scamming sites that managed to trick millions of users and extort expensive subscription plans.

All these developments could have threatened ChatGPT’s performance. However, as it turns out, ChatGPT’s popularity remained unprecedented.

Only 1% of apps are known to get more than 10600 US downloads in the first five days.

That’s not all. ChatGPT’s stellar debut has earned it several other recognitions. For example, it earned the second rank for the biggest app launch of the year, only one spot behind Truth Social. Launches like these are crucial landmarks for the industry.

ChatGPT Success Compared To Edge & Bing

Speaking of some of its biggest competitors, such as Microsoft’s Bing and Edge, ChatGPT has managed to outperform each one of them in terms of iOS device installs which is frankly no surprise because they both run on GPT-4, a program designed by OpenAI.

This is certainly not a matter of concern for either of them, considering they still have distinct industries to cater to that don’t overlap. If anything, Microsoft must be rather grateful to OpenAI, considering how the latest ChatGPT version has benefited both Edge and Bing.

A close look at their install numbers across Android and iOS revealed that Bing and Edge garnered total installs of 340,000 and 350,000, respectively, during their 5 top-performing days in February.

The only app that managed to beat it was “Chat With Ask AI” which managed to get a whopping 590,000 installs from April 4 to 8, 2023.

Speaking of iOS installs alone, Edge managed to attract 250000 users, whereas Bing managed a decent 195,000 new users. Even when put together, they are nowhere close to ChatGPT’s 6-day success.

These numbers are a great indication of ChatGPT’s potential. If the numbers on iOS are so high, we can only imagine what might happen once the app is available on Androids.

While the massive number of installs signals a promising start, it will be interesting to see how many of these users are actually retained before we can comment on their market dominance.

After all, app installs aren’t the only parameter to gauge success. There could be countless users who download the app but never sign up or create an account but never use it. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure, ChatGPT is here to stay and win.

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