ChatGPT with voice now available to everyone: so you can chat with the AI ​​naturally

chatgpt with voice now available to everyone so you can chat with the ai ​​naturally
chatgpt with voice now available to everyone so you can chat with the ai ​​naturally

Just a couple of hours ago Altman returned to his position as CEO at OpenAI after a very eventful weekend in which he left his position at the company that created ChatGPT. And soon, OpenAI has announced the availability of ChatGPT with voice for all users for free.

If ChatGPT has already captivated half the world with its natural conversations and all that ability to answer thousands of questions in this year 2023, it now puts the icing on its own cake with the announcement of the arrival of voice to ChatGPT. That is, you can chat with the AI ​​as if it were done through chat.


A very important step that Amazon already took in part when it showed Alexa with generative AI capabilities for natural conversations and thus be smarter than the current Alexa. In the video that OpenAI has published, you can see the user asking a question about how many pizzas they need to order for a certain group of people, so that ChatGPT responds as if it were that chatbot that one has become accustomed to this year.

This is ChatGPT with voice

And you can now install the new version of ChatGPT for Android in Spain with voice conversations. It is simply updated and when you start the app, the headphones icon will appear in the bottom bar. Press the button and ChatGPT will show voice conversations as its great novelty. These are its important details:


  • You can now chatwith ChatGPT.
  • Chat without having to look at the screen.
  • Chats are saved with thevoice transcription in history. Audio clips are not saved.
  • A default language can be selectedfrom the settings for more accurate detection.

Once you start the ChatGPT voice experience, you can choose from five different voices . There are three male and two female. It must be said that there is no need to go into settings to change your voice to Spanish, since you can tell ChatGPT to change to Spanish.

The conversation can be stopped at any time or paused to have the transcription of what was said with ChatGPT. The truth is that it works very well and the responses are instantaneous with a great capacity to start having a conversation about any topic or issue.

ChatGPT can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or for the iPhone through the App Store . A very welcome arrival so that generative AI now has its own voice and can be used openly by other types of users. A big change for ChatGPT that represents a total change in the experience by starting to ask and answer with your voice.


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