ChatGPT Revolution: presents Sora, an incredible AI to generate videos from text to another level

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833176718 240005993 1706x960.jpg

OpenAI has launched a new artificial intelligence model focused on creating video from text, but it is not yet open to the public.

OpenAI is one of the companies that is making the greatest advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Shortly after it was confirmed that its creators are working on creating their own Internet browser, they have also officially launched their new AI model in Spain.

The name of this one is Sora, and unlike ChatGPT, in this case, the AI ​​is responsible for transforming the text that the user writes into a video. Although not yet available for free use by anyone, the company has already shown some example videos and the results are quite promising.

The announcement was made through a publication on This also comes just after Google’s presentation of Gemini 1.5.

That’s Sora

The new artificial intelligence model from the creators of ChatGPT is capable of both creating a video from scratch and lengthening one that has been previously generated to make it longer. it’s possible Ask for both simple videos and more complex scenes.

Its operation is not perfect, since in some videos, if you pay some attention, you can see how there are elements that magically disappear and appear. Despite this, Sora’s results are very decentand in many cases they will be more than enough to illustrate almost any situation you want.

It has been sought that Sora not only interprets some words, but also understands the elements that he adds to each video, and imagine how it works in the real world. Although there are still times when this does not happen at all, it is great news that this section is being taken care of, since it can lead to creations with greater realism.

You can now access its website from Spain, but, at the moment, it cannot be used freely. According to the company executive, access has been offered to a limited number of creators. It is possible that in the near future it will be opened in the same way as ChatGPT

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