ChatGPT might stop working in Europe. What’s going on?

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ChatGPT has entered like a storm to revolutionize all kinds of sectors thanks to a series of capabilities that never cease to amaze us. And now that it has just received its official app for the iPhone, and very soon for Android, this intelligence is not going to stop grow. But some statements by the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, and which have been collected by The Verge make it clear that the future of ChatGPT in Europe hangs by a thread. Or rather, a new regulation. The new EU AI Law could put an end to ChatGPT in Europe The European Union is working on a new regulation to limit certain aspects of artificial intelligence. And some of the points in the draft did not like OpenAI, the company behind the development of ChatGPT Altman said he had “many concerns” about the EU AI Law, and that this law will impose new obligations on the creators of these models. of artificial intelligence. One of the big problems is that ChatGPT will be classified as a high-risk system for sure. And this means that it has to meet a series of security and transparency requirements. To get started, they must disclose all the details of their AI system, including “computing power required, training time, and other relevant information related to the size and power of the model.” This information was offered by OpenAI at first, but as the project grew, the commercial and competitive value of this information made the creators of ChatGPT stop offering it. And the EU is going to force them to do it again. On the other hand, in the draft of the EU AI Law, it is also stated that companies that have created high-risk AIs must offer summaries of the copyright-protected data that they have used to train their artificial intelligences. Sure, it’s a big problem for Open AI. Considering that Stability AI, the great rival of ChatGPT, is facing all kinds of copyright lawsuits, OpenAI doesn’t want to fall into the same trap. So, although we will have to wait for the AI ​​Law to become a reality to know the conditions that ChatGPT will have to continue operating in Europe, the future of Open AI in the European market does not seem exactly promising if the regulations are as harsh as it looks like it will be. >

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