ChatGPT is going to start having flashbacks and no, this is not good news

chatgpt is going to start having flashbacks and no this.png
chatgpt is going to start having flashbacks and no this.png

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OpenIA introduces new features in ChatGPT: now, this Artificial Intelligence will have a memory and will remember all the information that we are entering, with the aim of drawing its own profile that will serve to improve its model and offer us much more detailed answers. We tell you how it works and how we can deactivate this option.

Since its emergence into our daily lives, ChatGPT has not stopped growing and incorporating improvements that positively impact the experience it offers to its users. OpenAI, the company behind its development, has announced its latest news in the last few hours: from now on, ChatGPT will have the ability to remember information that we have previously shared with her. Her memories will remain in her database, even if we decide to delete our conversations.

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Its operation

As he explains in his own blog, users can ask ChatGPT to remember specific information that we have entered. Your memory will improve as we spend time greater number of hours and, progressively, we will see how it positively impacts our use. Furthermore, OpenAI also states that AI will go collecting information proactively, even if we do not instruct it to store certain information.

The examples that the company run by Sam Altman They range from the professional field, with the possibility of ChatGPT Remember that the way we prefer you summarize the information we enter about the data from our work meetings, down to the most personal level: being able to retain in your memory that we are parents of a little girl who loves animals marine. ChatGPT will improve its model with the aim of offering us more personalized responses.

OpenIA has emphasized that all GPTs found within its GPT store will also incorporate memory function. Therefore, if we are used to a GPT recommending books or movies to us, it will use all the information we have previously entered to continue offering us personalized recommendations based on our preferences.

Memory Clear

Along with this novelty, OpenAI also wanted to make it clear that it will be the user who has all control of this information. Although if we delete the conversation that contains certain information, ChatGPT will continue to retain it, we can always use the memory deletion that the application incorporates.

We can do it in two ways: either by asking for it as if it were just another order in any chat, or from the “Settings” – “Personalization” and “Manage memory” path. In it, we have the possibility of deleting the entire memory or, depending on our interests, only some specific data that we do not want it to store.

Furthermore, on that same route we will also be able to disable memory function, to prevent ChatGPT from continuing to increase its knowledge base about us. Thus, Your answers won’t be as specific. when we interact with it, but we will have guarantees from OpenIA that it would not be collecting information to use it later.

In addition, the company has also made official the incorporation of temporary chats. These conversations have the main characteristic that they will not use memory, so the information we share with them will not be used to train the models with which the American company works.

All the new features have now begun to be visible to a selection of users. As the company verifies the proper functioning of this innovative function, it will make a massive rollout to the rest of its users.



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