ChatGPT introduces one of its most revolutionary features: what are mentions for?

chatgpt introduces one of its most revolutionary features what are.jpg
chatgpt introduces one of its most revolutionary features what are.jpg

ChatGPT AI-powered chatbot

In the last year the ChatGPT usage It has become something of the most widespread, so it is normal that its developers, OpenAI, are gradually renewing the Artificial Intelligence tool with new functions and possibilities.

Recently, some of the paid plan users have noticed that they have a new feature available that allows mention when writing a text to the chatbot. Mention who exactly if communication with ChatGPT is only two-way?

ChatGPT with multiple personality

New ChatGPT Mentions feature allows users to interact with OpenAI chatbot make mentions with the @ symbol just like we use in a text message or social network like Twitter/X.

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Dan Shipper 📧


ChatGPT just launched a new feature!!

You can @-mention any custom GPT from within ChatGPT—almost like Slack or Discord.

It’s a gamechanger! Walkthrough here:

February 2, 2024 • 16:05



In the cases in which we can use it in our daily lives, it is used to summon someone, but what sense does this have in ChatGPT? Well, this new function serves precisely the same purpose, but in this case summon a new GPT specialist on some topic and that is different from the one you used at the beginning of the current chat conversation.

This new feature has not yet been rolled out to all users. In fact, it has not even been officially announced and is only available on accounts with a paid subscription.

If you are one of the lucky users to whom the new feature has already reached, once it is available you will find it in the ChatGPT chat interface of OpenAI and it will allow you to use several different GPTs in each interaction with the AI ​​chatbot. In this way, thanks to this new feature, users are allowed to access different GPTs for specific tasks, such as collecting data, creating graphs or searching for travel information, all within a single chat session.

Multiple GPTs in a chat

ChatGPT users can use more than one custom GPT in a single conversation. Mentions of GPT make it easier than ever specify which messages should use which GPT.

Mentions feature in ChatGPT

After typing @ in the text box, you’ll see a list of GPTs that starts with the text “Search recent and pinned GPTs” and ends with “+ Create a new GPT.” In the middle, you’ll see a list of recently used GPTs (if you’ve ever used any). If you don’t see any of this, it is due to one or more of the following reasons. Either the new GPT Mentions feature has not yet been implemented for your user account, or you are not using one. account that allows the use of custom GPTs (ChatGPT Plus, Teams or Enterprise accounts).

Once you’ve confirmed that you have access to the feature by typing @ in the pop-up window, click the name of the custom GPT you want to use. If you don’t see it immediately, start typing its name to search for it. After clicking on the GPT, you will see «Talking to (GPT name)» above the window.

The official announcement of this feature is expected to occur throughout this month of February. From then on, accounts that allow the use of custom GPTs (ChatGPT Plus, Teams or Enterprise accounts) will automatically have access.

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