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ChatGPT: How to get reliable sources and citations?

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ChatGPT is an artificial language model developed by OpenAI that has gained popularity for its ability to answer questions and provide information on a wide variety of topics. However, one of the main challenges that this model faces is the lack of transparency in the source and the veracity of the information provided, as I commented hours ago. Although ChatGPT does not provide sources, footnotes, or links to the information used in its responses, it is possible to obtain reliable sources and citations if you know how.

How to get reliable sources and citations in ChatGPT

If you want to get relatively reliable sources and citations from ChatGPT, there are a few steps you can take to achieve this:

1. Ask a detailed question

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To get started, you need to ask a detailed question that requires a comprehensive answer. It is preferable that the question is complex so that ChatGPT has more information to work with.

2. Ask ChatGPT to provide sources

Once you’ve asked the question, ask ChatGPT to provide sources. You can start by asking for sources from the previous answer, but these may not be reliable.

A better option is to ask for sources with specific URLs, this way you make sure you get links to information available on the web. You can also request a specific number of fonts if you need more than one. Something like “give me 5 urls that you used as a reference for the previous answer”. Still, it’s important to verify that those urls exist, as he sometimes makes them up.

source urls

3. Verify and validate the sources provided

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It is important to remember that the sources provided by ChatGPT are not always accurate or reliable. Therefore, it is necessary to verify and validate each source to determine if it is useful and reliable for your purposes. The urls are from more than two years ago, since ChatGPT only has information from before 2021, so it may be that some URLs are no longer valid.

If you find sources that are not accurate or reliable, you may want to ask ChatGPT to provide new sources or request additional sources to verify the information. Please note that if you use information from unreliable sources, your research could be negatively affected.

We have to do our part

The ChatGPT project is a fascinating example of how artificial intelligence can be used to answer questions and provide information on an unprecedented scale. However, the fact that the information provided by ChatGPT is not always accurate or reliable raises important questions about how the information is used and presented.

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It is important to remember that while ChatGPT may provide sources and citations, it is the user’s responsibility to verify and validate that information before using it in any research or project. Technology offers us a unique opportunity to access information, but it also forces us to be more critical and thoughtful about how we use and evaluate that information.

Ultimately, the success of projects like ChatGPT will depend on our ability to use technology responsibly and ethically, and to work together to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the information age.

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