ChatGPT for iOS and iPadOS now also accesses results from Microsoft’s Bing


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The iOS and iPadOS version of ChatGPT now allows subscribed users to log in to the information and news obtained through results provided by Bing Microsoft’s search engine.


OpenAI announced the addition of this new capability via the ChatGPT application changelog available on the Apple App Store:

Plus users can now use the Navigation feature to get comprehensive answers and current insights into events and information that go beyond the model’s original training data. To try it out, enable navigation in the “New features” section of the app settings. Then select GPT-4 in the template picker and choose “Browse with Bing” in the drop-down menu.


OpenAI, with this version 1.2023.173, the seventh since the app was released last May, has also integrated improvements to the search history. Tapping on a search result will now take you directly to that point in the conversation.


The Bing integration was already available in beta for users who subscribe to a “Plus” subscription at the price of 22.90 euros per month (20 euros plus 2.90 euros if subscribing via the App Store). In addition to this feature, the subscription also allows you to use the GPT-4 model, access plugins and have priority access in case of server congestion. The free version of ChatGPT allows instead of get information only until 2021.

Microsoft, we recall, earlier this year made a multi-billion dollar investment in the company headed by Sam Altman. During its Build event last May, Microsoft announced that Bing would become the default search engine for ChatGPT. Microsoft uses OpenAI’s GPT model for its Bing Chat.

ChatGPT is currently only available on iOS and iPadOS. OpenAI, however, plans to release a version for smartphones and tablets based on Google’s Android operating system as soon as possible.