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ChatGPT can interpret blood test results


Another of the utilities that we are discovering in ChatGPT stands out for being useful and controversial at the same time.

Analyzing a blood test is not as simple a task as seeing the values ​​of each record and the limits established globally, you have to put them in context, and that can only be done by a health specialist.

The fact is that ChatGPT is clear about it, and at the end of its analysis, it indicates that this interpretation should be taken with a grain of salt, that a doctor should always be consulted.

Be that as it may, it manages to do an important analysis of the variables of the document. Here you have my tests with the theme. First I told him that I would send him the analysis, and he takes the opportunity to tell me what he can do:

ChatGPT can interpret blood test results

Once the text of the blood test has been copied and pasted, this is the result offered by ChatGPT

ChatGPT can interpret blood test results

Notice how he makes it clear at the end:

However, a second evaluation is recommended to confirm the results and to ensure that there are no underlying problems with the MCHC and ADE results. It is important to note that this interpretation is based on the results that have been provided to me and I do not have access to the patient’s medical history or the symptoms that he may present.

How to upload a blood test to Artificial Intelligence

To copy and paste the text, I recommend pasting them first in an excel or google sheets sheet to select only the desired values, since if we copy and paste the content of a PDF, there will be a lot of text that can mislead Artificial Intelligence, although it will always It will depend on the format of the content offered by the clinic.

In case you have the analysis on paper, I recommend uploading the image to an online OCR service to transform it into text. Once done, you upload it to ChatGPT to get the desired result.