Charging stations, the right way to improve the customer experience

Between the fear of missing something, the fear of boredom, the fear of no longer being reachable or not having access to your emails… the anxiety of low battery is not a myth in an era where we can no longer do without our smartphones and tablets, to name just two.

Fortunately, companies have specialized in the creation of charging stations that can accommodate numerous devices simultaneously in order to counter this phobia specific to the 21st century and which bears the sweet name of Fomo syndrome – an acronym for  Fear of missing out,  or in French, the fear of missing out.

What are these terminals for?

In this era of everything connected, these stations dedicated to charging devices are essential to no longer run out of battery during the day, wherever you are. This is a welcome backup solution for people who are low on battery or don’t have their charging cables on hand.

Let’s take a concrete example: between two flights at the airport, cables are sometimes stored at the bottom of luggage and therefore temporarily inaccessible. And the wait can be long! Thanks to the charging stations, users can top up the battery so that they can then pass the time more quickly, take advantage of this break to work a little or watch their favorite content online.

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