Chaos at Cecotec: orders delayed and unshipped for weeks

chaos at cecotec: orders delayed and unshipped for weeks
chaos at cecotec: orders delayed and unshipped for weeks


What is happening at Cecotec? A Facebook group made up of more than 2,000 people is warning about the chaos that exists within the company. Delayed orders, canceled orders, unanswered calls… the messages are quite forceful.

“This group is for all those who are affected by CECOTECWell, because they don’t know anything about your requests, they don’t answer your calls or solve your problems, join the group, so that the situation is known, there are a lot of people affected”.

This is how the information of the group “AFFECTED BY CECOTEC COMPANY” reads, which can be accessed publicly on the social network Facebook and that, at the time of writing this news, it had more than 2,200 members. A quick reading of the messages of this puts us on the track of what is happening.

What happens in Cecotec?

As we have said, there are many messages that fill the wall of this group. We have compiled some of the most prominent:

“I bought a hydro cleaner on the website and it said that I would have it in 24/72. Well, like many of you, almost 2 weeks later it had not left the warehouse. I contacted CECOTEC through Messenger and in 2 days I had my order canceled and the money in my account”.

“In the end they have returned my money, but after many calls and messages on Messenger, Twitter and with a link to the ministry of consumption, what unpresentable people, if you complain they block you and hang up your phone.”

“Be very careful when buying on the official CECOTEC website, the second order that I did not receive on time (this one did not arrive 12 days later) when the product said 24-48 hours, you call and they tell you that this time is from the time the agency has it of transport (if they treat you stupid, they are and they think that the rest of us are), terrible customer service with no possible solution, they lie to you call after call and the best thing is that they pass the brown between telemarketers who The only thing they know how to tell you is what it puts on a computer screen, they can’t send you to someone in charge, they can’t process the return unless you have received the product, which has been a loop of scams and scams”.

As we see, all the comments point in the same direction: chaos with delivery times and problems when talking to customer service. Some even venture to confirm that they have not made any shipment for 3 weeks, something that we have not been able to confirm on our part. There are also comments on Twitter:

@CECOTECoficial I bought a mattress on 06/19 with 24/48h delivery and still in stock as of 06/26… Not an email from you, or anything at all… A bit embarrassing, right? But the €99 in your pocket from minute 1. #cecotec #mattress

— SERGI (@s3rch87) June 26, 2023

Now @CECOTECoficial He tells me that he has lost my order. YOU ARE A FUCKING DISASTER. Reading the reviews of this company I thought “it doesn’t have to be me”. Well yes, he touched me. DON’T DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

— Cris BM (@crisbm05) June 26, 2023

The change of venue as the source of the problems?

At the moment, the company has not responded to the accusations made in this group or in any other social network. It is difficult then to know the reasons that may be behind these problems, although there are some things that can give clues about it.

Without going any further, a few days ago it was published in the press that the Valencian company had just moved to its new headquarters. According to the aforementioned news, this sought to put an end to “a restructuring process of the company, which responds to its growth needs, with the aim of continue to offer a quality serviceoptimize their commercial operations and make spaces equipped with the latest technology available to their employees”.


It is possible that this change of venue has negatively affected to the process of sending orders through the web, or it may simply have coincided in time and the causes are other. Be that as it may, we will try to get more details about the chaos of Cecotec with the orders.