Channels arrive on WhatsApp as a unidirectional way to follow the topics of interest


WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform from Meta Platforms, has just officially introduced the arrival of the channels feature as a one-way channel through which users will receive important news from other people as well as organizations.

Its arrival will change in a certain way the dynamic that has been taking place up to now when it comes to receiving news from a series of organizations, especially those that have opted for WhatsApp to regularly send them their news.

The operation of the channels for users

To avoid confusion with chat conversations, WhatsApp will bring the news to a new tab called “News”, where users will find statuses and channels that they decide to follow, for which the new channel directory with integrated search function is also coming.

This directory will allow users to start searching and selecting those channels to follow based on their interests and hobbies, allowing them to follow up on news from public bodies such as town halls as well as their favorite sports teams, among others.

The tools that channel managers will have

In an effort to be as private a streaming service as possible, channel admins’ phone numbers and profile pictures will not be shown to their followers nor will they learn the phone numbers of those who are following their channels. .

Messages sent to channels will have a maximum duration of 30 days, although channel administrators will have mechanisms to make availability even less, and they may even choose to prevent the creation of screenshots and resend messages. messages.

Channel administrators will also be able to decide who can follow their channel, and also if they want their channels to be visible in the directory or not. In addition, they will be able to make use of the extended payment services if they wish to orient their channels to businesses, and may also promote them in the directory to increase their recognition.

For now there will be no end-to-end encryption on channels

For now, the channels will not have end-to-end encryption by default, although in the future it is considered that certain channels, due to their limited scope, can implement it, such as NGOs or health-related organizations.


The channels initially arrive in Colombia and Singapore with a series of selective organizations to make the leap over the next few months to more markets and allowing anyone to create their own channels.

According to WhatsApp:

Creating channels represents a big step that our users have been asking us for for years. We think the time has finally come to integrate a simple, reliable, and private streaming tool, and we hope you enjoy using it in the months and years to come.

More information: WhatsApp

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