Changes in the way you earn money on Instagram

The best apps to repost on Instagram
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The continuous comings and goings, with unpredictable and contradictory changes In relation to the forms of monetization, they are producing fed up in some Instagram content creators, who, given the confusion, would be abandoning the social network.

Users get fed up with the fact that there are content formats that disappear from one day to the next, without prior notice and without understanding the reasons for their cancellation.

And that on Instagram they have a history of continuous launching of tools with the potential for content monetization, but they are also characterized by canceling these tools after a short time. Hence the confusion and discouragement that spreads among some.

Some popular content creators on Instagram who are choosing to move away from the platform complain that on many occasions some of the new features that the social network presents seem attractive enough to them to spend time and effort to generate content that fits. to the requirements of this new format. To your dismay, there are times when new formats end up discarded, fall into disuse and represent a waste of enthusiasm, dedication and resources.

Furthermore, with the uncertainty of that these formats vanish from one day to the next, without prior notice and without necessarily having found that they have lost popularity. As justified by a Meta spokesperson, during the last two years there has been a dizzying evolution in the needs of creators as well as in the content that users have demanded, something that is demonstrated by analyzing the most popular, viewed and shared publications.

To try to adjust this evolution to the changes that are also taking place in the ways creators obtain income, said Instagram spokesperson recalls that all kinds of posts are constantly being created. tools that improve the possibilities offered by the platform.

At the same time that it seeks to offer those that allow them to enjoy the best experience, declaring the intention of the social network to continue testing functions that will present their users in the smoothest and most transparent way possible.

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