Change the way you know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

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Many people are concerned that there are WhatsApp contacts who have blocked them, so knowing how to check it becomes really important. Now, you have to know that the system that was used for this has changed and that now discovering it requires a different process. We explain it to you in the next few lines.

Privacy on WhatsApp is something that is taken care of a lot and that is really important when evaluating the service provided by the messaging app. But, as you will be able to see, experts always find a way to carry out actions that are not publicly promoted.

The classic part of the process

The beginning of the guide to discover if a contact has blocked you is similar, but there is a moment when you will have to change what you were doing. This is not a modification that complicates the process, so if you’re curiousfear or doubts about knowing if someone has blocked you, you can still carry out the verification.

Process of creating a new WhatsApp group

To start, you have to open the application, click on the pencil button in the upper right corner of the screen and then select “New group.” Now select the contact of the person you suspect I could have blocked you. If no contact photo appears, it could be a small notice of the block, but it will not be representative in a definitive way. Now click on “Next” in the upper right area and include the group name, although as the app specifies, it is optional. If you can’t think of any WhatsApp group names, remember that there are some very original ones that you can always use. It is also possible to modify the options that appear on the screen, such as whether you allow temporary messages or not.

These are the changes

After these first steps, which will already be familiar to you, we will have to continue with the news. At this moment click on the “Create” button. Previously, the process displayed an alert message on the screen that is no longer displayed and with which you could know the status of the contact immediately. But, due to the change, you now proceed to create the group and then you will know if you are blocked or not. The way to find out is simple. Since you have already created the group, now you just have to slide the screen to the bottom and look at what is indicated in “Participants.”

If the person you had added to the group appears in the list of participants, it will mean that you are not blocked and you will already have the group available to use. Nevertheless, there is something that has also changed and what you should take into account. It is possible that you have not been able to create the group with that person and that does not mean that they have blocked you on their application. Because? The reason is that there is an option in WhatsApp with which you can customize the way other people add you to groups.

Options to allow you to be added to WhatsApp groups

As you can see in the image we show you, from this menu you tell the application that anyone can add you to groups, only your contacts or only your contacts with the exception of some users that you mark yourself. That could have led to that person you think has blocked you, in reality, it only prevented you from adding it to groups. It’s a bit gimmicky, but this is an exception that will mean you can’t fully trust the way we currently check to see if someone has blocked you. However, it is true that the add to groups menu is not usually touched and that, by default, the “all” option is marked, so in a way the tutorial we have given you is still quite reliable.

Of course, what you will have to consider is that by doing this check you will be creating groups left and right with all the people you suspect have blocked you. It doesn’t exactly turn out the most comfortable technique nor is it a silent way to carry out the verification. Anyway, it’s better than nothing, that’s obvious.

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