Casimiro will broadcast Vasco and Botafogo games as hosts in Carioca 2023

Streamer Casimiro signed an agreement with LiveMode and will show Vasco and Botafogo’s games as hosts in the 2023 Carioca Championship. Both clubs had not closed with the Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation (Ferj), so they were not contemplated in the closed partnership with Grupo Bandeirantes.

As reported by the channels Attention Vascainos and TF channel, the matches of the two clubs will be shown on CazéTV, on YouTube. So far, there is no information if the clashes will also pass through Twitch, as occurred in the 2022 World Cup broadcast.

The streamer had already broadcast the World Cup in Qatar on its platforms | Image: Reproduction

According to the tournament table, in the first round, both Vasco and Botafogo debut as hosts in the tournament. The first will receive Madureira on Saturday, at 6 pm; while the second will play against Audax Rio on Sunday at 4 pm.

Under the agreement with Ferj, Band will be entitled to show two games per round on open TV, except for Cruzmaltino and Alvinegro as home team. This Wednesday (11), BandSports also confirmed that it will show the competition, with exclusive narration and more than 50 matches in total.

The Federation also confirmed that, when there were duels at simultaneous times, the other will be broadcast through CariocãoTV, the competition channel on YouTube.

So far, the microphone team that will show Vasco and Botafogo games on CazéTV has not been announced. It is worth remembering that the Qatar Cup was narrated on the channel by the announcer Luis Felipe Freitas.

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