Capcom releases new trailer for Pragmata, but game is delayed again

Capcom releases new trailer for Pragmata, but game is delayed again
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During the Capcom Showcase last Monday (12), the company confirmed that Pragmata has been postponed again and has no forecast for release.

Originally scheduled for release in 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, the adventure will take place in a dystopian future on the Moon.

In November last year, the game had been postponed to 2023 and now, the new postponement does not even bring a prediction for Pragmata to hit the market. As a consolation, Capcom brought a new trailer that presents new details about the title.

In an official statement, Capcom said it was saddened by the decision to delay Pragmata, but it is the right decision. She stresses that the development team is working hard to deliver the best game possible, more time is needed. In the end, the studio guarantees that all the players’ waiting will be rewarded.

In addition to a new trailer, Capcom also brought some cryptic images of the title. Check it out below:

Playback: Capcom.

Since its announcement, information about Pragmata has been scarce. Many gamers fear that the game will meet the same fate as Deep Down, a game announced in 2013 that was never released. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Capcom’s game, as the company has made a commitment to bring it.

During the presentation, Capcom also announced that the fourth, fifth and sixth games in the Ace Attorney franchise will be remastered in HD and released in a collection.

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