Canva launches new tools for developers

herramientas para desarrolladores.jpg
herramientas para desarrolladores.jpg

In the context of a developer event, Canva presented a series of interesting news.

It announced not only a developer platform but also a $50 million fund for app development. An initiative that promotes the work of developers, and in the future, will improve the proposals for users.

Canva launches a new platform for developers

Canva wants to promote the development of new applications that improve the user experience. And for this, he announced interesting news for developers.

It introduced its new platform for developers with a number of benefits. For example, they will have access to application development tools, such as JavaScript libraries, documentation, different APIs, among other options.

And on the other hand, they will also be given access to Canva’s user base of millions of active users. So developers will be able to target their apps to different themes, keeping in mind the needs of their target audience.

Let’s remember that Canva has not only become an essential tool for users who like their designs, but also for organizations, teams, and content creators. So developers have a wide range of possibilities to dabble and target their applications.

Canva opens a $50 million fund to support developers

On the other hand, Canva wants to accompany the work of the developers with an investment of 50 million dollars. This fund will serve to support developers in the different stages of development and publication of their applications.

And in addition, this investment also seeks to ensure that developers have expert advice on their projects. Some developers may need support from the beginning in the creation of their applications, and others, just need a boost so that their products reach a larger audience.

And of course, this initiative has the sole objective of providing more options to the Canva community, since it will benefit from the proposals that are promoted through this initiative.

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