Can you expand the storage of Amazon Fire tablets? Yes, and it’s that simple

Can you expand the storage of Amazon Fire tablets?  Yes, and it's that simple

Can you expand the storage of Amazon Fire tablets?  Yes, and it's that simple

It may be that, regardless of the model you have, the Amazon Fire tablet you’re using is running out of space storage. If you don’t want to delete anything, you should know that increasing this feature of the device is something that you can achieve in a fairly simple and comfortable way. We show you how to use it.

Luckily, the tablet itself comes with everything you need to avoid problems. What we are talking about is a microSD card slot (You have to buy the one you use separately). These are commonly used and, in addition, there are different capacities and prices, there are models that go up to 1TB -and that are compatible with the Amazon Fire-. Therefore, you will not have to resort to the cloud to save your documents and photos.

So you will have more storage space on your Amazon Fire

First of all, it is important to mention that by doing this, You do not endanger the content of the tablet, both Amazon’s own Fire OS operating system and the information you have saved. In addition, the process is very simple and allows you to use different memory cards if you need to (changing from one to another, of course).

Once you have the microSD in your possession, what you have to do is look for the slot that exists for this type of accessory and that has a cover so that it does not stand out. Once you find it, you must insert the card in the proper position -we recommend you do it with the equipment turned off-. If all goes well, you will hear a small click when you press, indicating that the process has been successful.

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Amazon Fire tablet in landscape position

Now you will see on the screen of the Amazon tablet a message that informs you that the card has been detected and, in addition, that you perform a format (deletion) of the content you have to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Do this. But, beware, anything you have inside the microSD will be deleted, and you already have everything available to store much more information. It’s all that simple.

Transfer contents to the new card

Since you now have more storage capacity, you may want to send some of the things you keep on the Amazon Fire to the card. The files are easy to get to, as with just a basic browser you can do this quickly. But, in addition, it is possible to do the same with some applications. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Access the tablet settings and go to the Storage section
  • Here, select the Move apps to microSD card option
  • Those that are compatible appear in a list and you can perform the action.
  • You have finished.