Can they know what you are looking for on the Internet through your router?

can they know what you are looking for on the
can they know what you are looking for on the

router browsing history

Are you paranoid that someone might know what it is what you search on the internet? If the owner of the router is you, nothing happens. But what if you are using the router as a tenant? Perhaps this generates distrust in you when browsing online, and nothing could be further from the truth!

Police and other authorities are known to be capable of track our movements In Internet. The use of the router could be saving data from all the web pages you visit and you did not know it. If you’re worried that someone else might know what you’ve searched on Google, we’ll tell you how it works.

Yes history is stored

When you search for something on the Internet, the history of that search is saved in several places. If you delete it from your computer or mobile, it is only safe from the browser history; but the one of the page you visited is also saved in some routers. Also, your IP has a search history record.

Most of the routers that are used at home regularly do not allow you to save the history of what you have searched for. However, models that have these Additional functions they must have adequate storage to save thousands and thousands of searches.

Typically, this record appears as disabled by default. And, if you do get to see the history of the router, it will be difficult to know which devices have been used specifically. Keep in mind that if you live in a house with several family members, all the devices connect to the same router and it is very difficult to determine if it was a mobile or a tablet.

if you are a father or mother who does not know much about computers, knowing if your child enters some websites will be difficult. The records are made in numerical format, so an IP and the address of the page will appear. And, in the case of knowing which sites have been visited, it will not be possible determine the content that was watched. If you are suspicious of your child’s safety on the Internet, it is advisable to use parental controls.

router history

It is important to note that routers they are not designed to save history from Internet. They only store information about the operating system, various credentials, administrator passwords, and configuration files. So most domestics couldn’t tell us what has been visited.

Only a few may have the ability to store thousands of search histories. Now, you can spend a little more money to buy one capable of doing it and have the ability to set those histories for months.

What if I delete my browser history?

We are sorry to tell you that it will not work. Browser history and router history they are not the same. Each one is stored differently, so if you remove the one from your browser and someone else uses your computer, they won’t be able to find what you’ve been doing. So to make the router disappear, you have to log in to the settings page and then delete all your steps.

Moreover, by default, the router does not log any history. However, if we have the settings enabled, you can store it. In addition, we must take into account a false myth: does not clear when disconnected and reconnects. To remove it, you have to perform a reboot or clear the history log.

if we make a hard reset from the “Reset” button (on the back) for 10 to 20 seconds, the device will be restored to factory settings, and in this case, the Wi-Fi history can be cleared.

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