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Can IPTV users be fined?

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It is likely that you have read or heard someone mention the acronym IPTV, but do not know what it is.

Well, these refer to the words Internet ProtocolTV which translated would be “internet protocol television», which constitutes a way of watching television content, but through the Internet.

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However, the way in which IPTV allows users to watch television over the Internet is different from what streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO do.

In countries like Spain, companies like Movistar offer it to their users within their services, so that they can enjoy the content of their television channels. Still, many people use it to watch paid content for free, as there are many people who offer IPTV channels with soccer, movies, series, and much more.

That is being persecuted a lot, and in Italy they have gone one step further, persecute users who buy content from pirates, not only who transmits, but also who receives it.

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The police in that country have been taking action to block the use of IPTV applicationswhich raises the question of whether the rights of the users who make use of this medium are really being protected, since not everything that is transmitted from IPTV is illegal.

In this sense, it has been reported that the Italian security body Finance Guard has found the addresses of thousands of IPTV channel subscribers and has sent a fine alleging illegality for the use of this service.

All this has been carried out as part of an operation to which the Italian police have given the name of gothawhere so far they have tracked more than 500 IPTV channelsas well as broadcasts more than 310 Telegram channels which were immediately blocked.

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Regarding the method used to find all these users, the Italian police, with the help of the operators, carried out an organization in the redirection of national connections of all internet service providersso that they were sent to a server controlled by this security body to be alert and act when they connected.

In this regard, the head of investigations of the Special Unit for the Protection of Privacy and Technological Fraud, Gian Luca Berruti, stated that this measure constitutes an innovative technique that takes advantage of new technological tools.

So far, the police have handed over 1,600 fineswhich can range from 154 euros up to 1,032 euros in case of recurrence.

Also, within the results achieved in this operation, the police managed to register plus from 23 provinces and they have covered a 70% of national streaming.

According to experts in this country, IPTV streaming has a negative impact on pay television, which translates into a loss of 30 million euros per monthwhich is equivalent to about 900 thousand users.

Conclusion: yes, it is possible that the police decide to fine users who enjoy streaming that transmit “pirated” content, although this is something that at the moment does not happen in general, only in specific cases.

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