Can I use an Android smartphone without using a Google account?

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Google and Android have always gone hand in hand. The most used mobile operating system has been under the control of Google since 2005. This system has changed a lot since its first versions, and many of its features focus on interacting with other Google services, such as the Chrome browser, Google Photos, Drive, etc. To do this we need to log in with a company account on our phone, but is it really necessary?

When we buy a new mobile phone and start it up, we find a simple initial configuration wizard, which we must follow until the end. In this way, our device is configured and ready to use. In one of the steps of this wizard we find that the system itself asks us sign in with a Google account. We enter our email, password, and we are inside.

However, although many do not know it, Yes, it is possible to use Android without a Google account. The only thing we have to do is, when it asks us to start the session, simply click on the “Skip” button that appears at the bottom left of the screen, and that’s it. A new message will appear that will tell us what we are losing, we confirm that we want to skip the login, and we can now use Android without Google account.

Sign in Google Android

However, although it is possible, we must keep in mind that we lose a large number of functions and features of the operating system. And, for them, it is more than likely that it is not worth it.

What do we lose by using Android without Google

The first thing that we will not be able to do if we do not log in with a Google account on our Android is download applications from the Play Store. Therefore, we will lose a key functionality in this operating system, since although we can always install alternative application stores, such as F-Droid or the Amazon App Store, the experience will never be the same.

Another of the functionalities that we lose by not logging in is the data synchronization. Google synchronizes a large amount of personal data with our account, from contacts to calendar, emails, etc. Even in its latest versions, you can make backup copies of the device to restore it, as is, in case you change your mobile.

What do we lose if we do not log in to Android

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that we will not be able to activate the security functions that this system offers. For example, we will not be able to locate, control or lock it remotely if we lose it. Nor activate other security-related functions.

Google apps won’t work either, as they require an account. If we install Gmail, for example, and log in to this app, the account will automatically be linked to the system. And, if we don’t start, we won’t be able to use the email.

And what about iOS?

On iOS, we find a similar situation. The Apple operating system, when we turn it on for the first time, asks us to log in with an Apple account. And, in this case, there seems to be no way to skip the step, although there is a little trick that Apple does not want you to know.

If we choose the option of «I have forgotten my password or I don’t have an Apple ID«, will take us to a new screen from which we can choose what we want to do. And this new screen has a link called “Configure later in settings.” If we select it, we can continue with the configuration without having to enter any data.

But, as with Google, we will lose many features. For example, we will not be able to use any of the iCloud functions, iMessage or any other Apple service. The App Store will not work either, and in this case we will not be able to install applications from other sources.