Can I connect to my neighbor’s WiFi printer to play a prank on him?

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can i connect to my neighbors wifi printer to play.jpg

User thinking about making a joke with the WiFi printer

Pranks evolve through technology in unthinkable ways. And in these times, wireless connections are one of the ideal tools to carry them out. Among the many pranks that you could consider playing, that of connect to your neighbor’s WiFi printer It is one of the ones that is creating the most debate. It’s possible?

The simple idea of ​​being able to remotely control your neighbor’s printer becomes one of those tempting concepts I’m sure they have crossed your mind at some point. Imagine what you could do with that annoying neighbor, although always without malice, of course.

The truth behind the joke

There is a thread that is going around at X and reaching many users. It tells how the author has played a joke on his neighbor. And such a level of detail is provided that we might think that it is something possible. However, we can tell you that it is not viable.

An open printer with ink colors visible

Although it is obvious that there are ways to print remotely on your neighbor’s printer, the reality is that it is not something you can do lightly just like that. You would need to have the password of the WiFi to which the printer is connected to enter its network or have WiFi Direct access with which yes that would be a viable joke. But without any password that gives you access to the printer it will not be possible, since all printers are protected by a password. And you can get that key by browsing through the user interface that the machine has, so it is virtually impossible for you to be able to access your neighbor’s printer without knowing the password or without being in front of it.

At the end of the day, we have to think that manufacturers of this type of hardware You can already imagine the different types of situations that your users may encounter. For this reason, they have prepared their machines so that they cannot put those who buy them in trouble. The most you will be able to see of your neighbor’s printer will be its network name, but you will find that it is protected with the padlock that indicates that there is a password that you have to enter in order to connect to it.

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My neighbor left his printer on and I played the best prank ever.

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March 15, 2024 • 12:32



On the other hand, although the story is still fun, It’s obvious there are gaps.. Is the neighbor who is waking up at so many hours in the morning and hallucinating what is being printed really not going to get up to turn off the printer? Because it is common not to turn off this type of device, but if we see that something strange is happening… the first thing we would do is turn it off. And if the printer then turns on remotely, that would be a good joke!

With Bluetooth it would be different

In case you are thinking of something similar that is possible, what comes to mind is the possibility of controlling your neighbor’s Bluetooth speakers. It does not happen with all models, but there are a large number of them that They don’t have a security system. No password of any kind. This makes it possible to remotely pair your devices with speakers or headphones that are not on your property.

Gaming speaker connected to a monitor

In some cases there are passwords, but different manufacturers had, at least before, the habit of setting fairly simple default passwords. For example, there are brands that use 1234 or 0000, which makes it easier that it is possible to jump over that barrier defense. The worst of all is that some of these manufacturers do not have a system that allows the password to be edited, so users of these speakers always have to stay with 1234 even if they want to modify it. This makes the prank of controlling the neighbor’s speakers more feasible, especially if we have a wall-to-wall room.

Furthermore, it is a worse joke, since at least at the beginning, the neighbor You won’t know where the voices come from., sounds or music that is played. Obviously you will conclude that they are coming from the speaker, but there will be a joke for a few minutes. Of course, be careful because this is that type of joke in which karma ends up finding you, since sooner or later it is possible that you also end up having one of those unprotected speakers that we talked about. Maybe, ultimately, it’s better to leave the jokes for the crazy adventures that are published in X.

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