CampaignKit, to validate emails within a marketing campaign

campaignkit herramienta para validar correos electronicos dentro de una campana de marketing.jpg
campaignkit herramienta para validar correos electronicos dentro de una campana de marketing.jpg

Within the field of marketing, email lists are created for the purpose of facilitate the sending of campaigns simultaneously to a large number of people or companies.

After having sent the campaign to the emails on the list, the next step is to measure the response of the people and companies that own those emails, in order to obtain indicators that allow determining the scope of the campaign, such as the open rate bounce or cancellation rate.

However, before carrying out this campaign, it is necessary to ensure that all the emails that make up the database are valid, something that we already saw with an acrelia news tool a few months ago.

Today I present to you another tool named CampaignKitwith which you will have the possibility of analyze a list of emails to whom a campaign will be sent, so that they can discard those that are invalid or malicious.

So CampaignKit is designed to help you clean your email listscontribute to the bounce reduction and eliminate those contacts that may harm your sender reputation.

That way you can take advantage of the features that CampaignKit provides to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

Features of CampaignKit

Among the most outstanding aspects of CampaignKit are:

Mailbox deliverability check

Through CampaignKit you will be able to check if the destination email server supports emails from a specific mailbox; all this without the need to send an email.

Detection of disposable email addresses

CampaignKit has more than 3 thousand email service domains temporary used to check email addresses that are disposable.

Catch-All Detection

CampaignKit is capable of detect those email addresses with low engagement rate opening through its function catch-all.

Syntax validation

Those email addresses that have a syntax that does not meet the criteria established for this type of data they will be removed by CampaignKit.

Domain verification

With CampaignKit you will be able to carry out the verification of the email domain, so that check its existence and validity to accept emails.

Quality Score

Via CampaignKit a score is awarded to each email address certify its quality.

API Integration

CampaignKit comes bundled with an API that will allow you to implement the validation functionality of this tool in your processes.

simple prices

You can purchase CampaignKit at an affordable price. Simply, you will have to choose one of the plans offered by its website. For less than 20 dollars you can carry out the validation of 10 thousand emails.

To access the CampaignKit website click HERE