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Call of Duty: “Modern Warfare 2” silent minimap raises criticism from players

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Tested in closed beta last weekend, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” already has a release date, but franchise players do not seem to be very happy with some decisions made by the developer – which has responded to complaints.

During testing, veteran players of the game were frustrated with an adjustment made to the minimap. This is because the new version does not display the location of the shots, as was the case until then, and it is up to the player to understand the origin based only on sound or visual confirmation.

According to some of them, removing the red dot from the minimap when a player takes a shot will not make the game more pleasant and could negatively influence the use of strategies, both by the shooter and by his opponent.

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That’s because part of the threat of pulling the trigger is delivering your position, whether through sound or through the tracker, and all this dynamic is part of the battle strategy and the game itself. After all, sometimes the red dot on the map can be the only way to find a camper or a sniper.

In response to the complaints, Infinity Ward – the game’s developer, stated:

“The design reason for this is that we don’t want to punish players for firing their weapons.” “We also want players to actively search for the origin of a shot rather than just traveling directly to where the point is on the mini-map. We continue to collect feedback on how the game is performing in relation to this topic,” he added.

However, the position can be considered a bit strange. That’s because the current versions of the game already offer counterpoints to the “snitch” of the minimap, such as weapon silencers or advantages that make the character quieter; and these tools can be considered as forms of balancing.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” will be released for PlayStation, PC and Xbox on October 28th.

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