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Buying train tickets is now easier than ever with this new Google feature

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google has become a technological colossus that offers all kinds of services to users. Its search engine is not only used to find answers, but we can buy products, book plane tickets and now they have just added a new option so that we can also find train tickets. As announced by the Mountain View-based company through a press release, Google has just added the option to book train tickets in its travel tool, and it is now available in Spain. As reported by the company “Do you want to change the car or the plane for the train? For some trips, taking a train may be the most sustainable option, but finding prices and times to get from A to B can take several searches. Starting today, you can buy train tickets directly in Google Search, to travel through certain countries, such as Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan.” You can now buy train tickets through Google In this way, finding train tickets to your destination will be easier than ever since now you can do it directly through Google, having access to the rates of all the available options. Your new train search engine works exactly the same as the flight search engine. You just have to select the Flights tab and choose the route that interests you. You will see that the results related to traveling by train already appear at the bottom. The truth is that it is not very intuitive and they would have to change the Flights option for Trips to make it more intuitive, but it is a first step. And the idea of ​​being able to know in real time all the train schedules to your destination is a value to take into account. Finally, the company has added a new “Eco-certified” filter that will show you the ecological certification of the trips you are going to make. The company has indicated that they are “working directly with organizations such as the US Green Building Council (which provides LEED ratings) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to begin importing their database of green-certified hotels.” A very useful tool for the most traveling users and that will allow them to find train tickets much more easily. And now that we have free subscriptions, it’s an especially useful way to take advantage of the benefits of this new service that Google has just introduced. >

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