Bug on 128GB Apple TV 4K, tvOS 16.1 only detects 64GB


The latest software distribution for the Apple TV set-top box is causing problems in the latest generation models, with the unfortunate inconvenience of detecting an incorrect amount of memory. It is a real bug that was introduced with tvOS 16.1, which is causing an anomalous out of storage space in the latest Apple TV models with 128 GB.

The boys of FlatpanelsHD during the review of the new ‌Apple TV‌ and then other other technology titles, so the picture appears rather accurate: apparently after the introduction of the latest software update new ‌Apple TV‌ models with 128GB of storage are recognized as having only 64GB.

The problem is that once the occupied space exceeds 64GB, the following message appears when users try to download a new application:

“The app cannot be installed because there is not enough space. Delete one or more apps or manage storage in Settings.”

According to what is written by FlatpanelsHD, the bug also affects the latest tvOS 16.2 beta but it is not clear whether the problem is universal or limited. Has any of you encountered it?

The simplest solution to figure this out is to try to exceed the 64GB of memory used in an ‌Apple TV‌ with 128GB of memory by simply queuing up enough downloads. In the meantime, Apple has not yet expressed itself, but if the problem proves to be present at a universal level, the Cupertino company should move in finding a solution since it is not something of little importance. In the meantime, tell us yours in the comments.

But before leaving, we remind you that the new Apple TV is available for purchase from the beginning of November and in conjunction with its presentation the old HD version has been eliminated from the catalog, after 7 years of availability.

2022 Apple TV 4K Wi? Fi with 64GB of storage (3rd generation)


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