Buffs turn a support into one of the best junglers in the game


In League of Legends, Brand is currently a classic Poke support. Many find him annoying to play against, but he’s pretty solid in the current meta. Not too strong, but not too weak either. Buffs are currently available for him on the test server, which make him a true jungle monster.

What buffs does Brand get on the live server?

  • Base attack speed from 0.625 to 0.681
  • Attack speed growth from 1.36% to 2%
  • Passive dot damage to monsters increases from 120% to 360%

His passive burns any enemy hit by his abilities with magic damage for over 4 seconds. Thanks to the buffs against jungle monsters, he clears the jungle incredibly quickly and has extremely high speed in the early game.

Bugs also made life difficult for jungle players:

The user Shapeshift posted his full clear with fire in the jungle on Twitter. He does it in 2:56 minutes. Above all, his AOE clear through the combination of his W and the passives makes him so fast. Once he reaches level 3 and can activate the explosion of his passive ability, his clear is optimized.

This makes him almost as fast as his Mage colleague Karthus with 2:55 minutes.

Although Brand is not as mobile as other junglers and only has a very good clear with his stun through the Q as a good gank option, he could still do very well in the jungle because it gives him level and gold advantages. He is also always useful in team fights thanks to his ultimate.

But whether or how these buffs will ultimately come to the live server remains to be seen. The next patch is expected to be released on October 25, 2023.

Riot has already experimented in the past with making unusual champions suitable for the jungle. Gwen recently received such buffs, but Darius has also received similar buffs for his bleeding.

Over the course of a meta, the roles of different champions tend to change. This is also the case with these junglers: LoL: 2 champions are actually junglers, but are currently dominating in a completely different role

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