Brussels, my love? The growing ban on TikTok for government employees across the EU

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The Euronews Brussels bureau brings you its latest episode of a new talk show that aims to break down European news and politics to make it more accessible to viewers. 

This week, we are joined by Tomi Huhtanen, the Executive Director of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Iverna Mc Gowan, the Secretary General of the Centre for Democracy & Technology and Alberto-Horst Neidhardt, a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre.

Panelists discussed the recent proposals of the EU Commission to increase returns of rejected asylum requests in Europe after news that almost one million people applied for asylum in Europe in 2022. EU countries have been trying to agree on a migration and asylum pact for many years with resentment growing in countries like Italy and Greece for having to shoulder the burden due to their geographical location.

The panel also discussed the EU institutions’ decision to ban the social media app Tik Tok from their employees’ work devices citing security concerns. Mc Gowan told host Méabh Mc Mahon that if she was a journalist, she would resort to pen and paper as a means of communication out of fear of being spied on.

Watch “Brussels, my love?” on Euronews and in the video player above.

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