Broadcast channels come to Instagram: what they are and how they work

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Last February we announced the arrival of broadcast channels on Instagram, a tool available to some content creators and with which they can expand their reach with their followers. Now, as the Phone Arena colleagues pick up, Instagram channels are available to everyone. To say that we have tried to access this service and, at the moment, it is not available. But surely they are doing a staggered launch, so we will have to wait a few days. The idea is that content creators can use these new Instagram channels by sharing sneak peeks of upcoming content, soliciting feedback through polls, and sharing candid moments through voice notes. What are Instagram channels and how do they work? The idea is that this service is similar to a chat, and in which content creators can send messages to all users who follow their channel. This is unidirectional, so only the channel owner will be able to share content. A system very similar to the one we have seen on other platforms such as Telegram. In this way, if you are the owner of a broadcast channel on Instagram, you will be able to share all kinds of content. For example, photos and videos, text or voice messages, GIFs, surveys… You won’t be short of options. In addition, before we have told you that the followers of the channel will not be able to publish anything, but they can interact with the messages through reactions of all kinds. As a content creator, you can close your channel whenever you want or mute it, in addition to configuring notifications to prevent your phone from sending you notifications every time a follower reacts to a post. In addition, Meta has added improvements regarding the first version that they released to a limited group of content creators. For example, now we can schedule a publication to be deleted after a certain time. And from the social network they have announced that we will be able to share links and previews of the channel through Instagram Stories. Undoubtedly, a very interesting tool for content creators on Instagram, since they will be able to increase the visibility of their posts, increase the hype among their followers and offer a closer interaction, something that is always appreciated. As we have told you before, it is a global release, so Meta will do it in stages so as not to crash the servers. But in a few days you will be able to update the app to enjoy the new Instagram broadcast channels. >

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