Bring back the right mouse button in Windows 11 so that you have the usual options

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The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is already among us. Since last October you can install Windows 11 to enjoy all the improvements that this renewed interface brings. Also, if you know the best tricks for W11 you will be able to make the most of its possibilities. No one can deny that the work done by Microsoft with its new operating system has been outstanding. Mainly because Windows 11 comes with some features that are worth knowing about, as well as some very interesting new features. The most anticipated? The possibility of being able to install Android applications on Windows. It is true that this function is currently limited to insider users who use a trial version of Windows 11, but its launch is imminent. The problem is, not everything is perfect. And it is that the Redmond-based company usually makes some aesthetic and design changes to improve the interface. Although sometimes they are wrong with the changes. How to recover the right click of a lifetime in Windows 11 For example, with Windows 11 they have changed the position of the Start menu, which is now not on the right as usual, but more centered. Fortunately, the Redmond-based giant has taken into account those users who do not like certain changes. Therefore, you can recover the original position of the Start bar by following this tutorial that we showed you at the time. And another of the most annoying changes has to do with the right mouse button. When clicking, in Windows 11 a menu appears that is very different from the one of a lifetime. If you’re not used to this operating system, you won’t have any problem adapting to this new interface. But if you’ve been using Microsoft’s operating system for many years, it probably hasn’t done you any good. Luckily, the solution is so simple that it will take you a few seconds. Simply, when you click with the right mouse button, you will see that a completely different menu appears than usual. Although, if you click on the last option, it will automatically open the menu that appeared when you clicked on the right mouse button in previous versions of Windows. Yes, it’s that simple. As we have explained to you before, it is one of the easiest Windows 11 tricks to perform, so it will not cost you anything to see the old right-click menu again. >

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