Bright Memory Infinite review: the frenetic shooter on next-gen consoles

bright memory infinite review the frenetic shooter on next gen consoles
bright memory infinite review the frenetic shooter on next gen consoles

Bright Memory: Infinite finally arrives on consoles, an interesting shooter with a short but intense campaign.



What an incredible story that of Zeng – FYQD – Xiancheng, the only mind behind Bright Memory: Infinite, the complete version of a project started almost for pleasure and then transformed into an ambitious first person shooter with action elements and spectacular graphics. Bright Memory: Infinite debuted on the market on November 11, 2021 on PC (if you missed it, here is the review of Bright Memory: Infinite for PC) and today, eight months after the first release, the title also arrives on Playstation and Nintendo Switch in the Gold Edition and on Xbox Series X / S with the Platinum Edition. Let’s find out how Zeng’s first work on Microsoft’s most powerful console behaves.

Agent Sheila – License to Kill

Year 2036. On a rainy evening, a black hole suddenly appears in the sky and no one is able to understand its origin. Sheila the protagonist of the adventure and super-trained agent of the Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO), is contacted in the middle of the night by her organization to investigate the nature of this supernatural event and discover the cause.

Arriving at the place of the event with the one we are wearing, we will receive a very unpleasant welcome committee, among unscrupulous soldiers ready to fight us – with an artificial intelligence that makes them aggressive in most situations – and others enemies that we will not reveal to safeguard that sense of discovery that enriches the history of the game with charm and curiosity. We are not talking about a really deep narrative sector, mind you, yet the events told have always been able to give us a good reason to send our fearsome adversaries to the creator. Bright Memory: Infinite was able to surprise us positively, thanks to the good mix between first person shooter and close combat. In the second case, we will be able both to equip Sheila’s sharp optical blade, and to use different powers with which, for example, to attract opponents to us, so as to leave them suspended in the air and riddled with shots. We want to underline the excellent work done on the combat system because it manages to give high replayability to the production: it is possible, in fact, to complete the two hours and a little more of the campaign with only the rifles and live a pure shooter experience, and then maybe start a new game and decide to embrace a melee offensive and leave the guns in their sheaths.

Machine gun, katana, unique skills and less easy boss fights than expected, therefore allow you to vary the playful formula of Infinite and mask the linearity of an adventure that also puts on the plate interesting you find, such as the possibility of walking on walls, however relegating them to the mere movement of the protagonist (it is therefore impossible to use them in battle). Then we also find a stealth phase useful to break the frenzy of clashes, which however proved to be all too basic, as well as a section on board a vehicle that acts more as a connection between one chapter and another than as a real alternative to the gameplay. In short, we are talking about small deviations not necessarily unpleasant but half successful, which end up emphasizing the limits of production.

High frame rate shootings

Each time we enter a new area we will have a fair amount of freedom of approach to face the firefights. For example, we will be able to hit the two soldiers closest to us with very fast slashes, then look up to see a third too far from our position, block his bullets with the blade and return the favor. with a headshot.

All this is possible thanks to the good quality of the shooting system – the feeling with the pad weapons in hand is excellent – and to a frame rate anchored to 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X (it is possible to go up to 120 with the right panel) , which contributes decisively to making the clashes fluid and spectacular. When the action focuses on the demise of the last mercenary on a team, it activates a slow motion effect designed to further enhance the details of the kill: unfortunately, in these situations, some stuttering phenomena that ruin a little the overall success of the scenographic impact but, mind you, the rest of the shootings are exempt from this type of problem. The icing on the cake of this discreet amount of content is a well-packaged technical sector enhanced by the 4K resolution. The environments of this game world also inspired by the beauties of China are well made and sometimes they left us speechless. Players will also have the option to enable Ray Tracing and still keep the 60 frames stable (it is not applicable if you choose to play at 120 fps).

The reflections of light on the water, on the weapons and on the armor of the militia, further enrich convincing general lighting in itself and sometimes it is hard to believe that it was only one person who accomplished all this. The only problem in this sense – which could already be found within the PC version – is represented by Sheila’s facial expressions, flat and anonymouswhich therefore fail to create a connection between user and secret agent, especially in the most dramatic moments.


Bright Memory Infinite
Bright Memory Infinite:

Xbox Series X Analyzed VersionBright Memory: Infinite offers gameplay that successfully mixes gunfire and hand-to-hand combat, without sacrificing anything on the technical side and the fluidity of the clashes. The main campaign is perhaps too short but the low cost of the game and the fact that it was made by one person, make it an experience not to be underestimated. The hope for the future is that Zeng Xiancheng will be able to form a well-fed and talented team, which can support him to make an even more ambitious, complete and satisfying video game. The bases from which to start are all there and this does nothing but load us with expectations for the future of the creative.