Brazil is the second largest country affected by ransomware, says research

Brazil is the second largest country affected by ransomware, says research

According to research released by SonicWall Capture, Europe ranked as the second country that receives the most ransomware attacks in the world. In the first half of 2022, the country had more than 19 million registered casessecond only to the US, which leads with 136 million cases.

The cybercrime that invades the victims’ computers was already present in Europe in other years, but by 2021, it had ranked fifth in a ranking of 10 countries, with 9 million cases. But, as already pointed out, the number more than doubled.

With the increase in remote work, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, several companies have been targets of attacks, such as JBS, in the food business, retailer Renner and Atento, in the telecommunications market. But, according to the survey, the highest incidence occurred in 2021, with records worldwide of nearly 189 million crimes🇧🇷

In the scam, the virus acts directly on the operating system’s data, which may end up restricting login access. With this, criminals charge a cash amount for the ransom and usually use bitcoin to avoid tracking. For the CEO of Athena Security, to circumvent these scams it is always important to back up devices and adopt information security policies that provide rules of conduct for employees, in addition to operational protection.

For the specialist, the support of a digital security company can provide personalized care and also guarantee important barrier measures.

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