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Brazil is in the ranking of countries that download the most Chinese apps, says survey

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Whether for entertainment, clothing, utilities or games, applications of Chinese origin are a sure success in Europe. And, according to a report by, the country stands out as a consumer public in the world ranking of Chinese products.

Among the 10 most downloaded apps in 2021 in Europe, for example, are titles such as the social networks for short videos TikTok and Kwai, the marketplace Shopee and the online clothing store Shein. Furthermore, 42% of Chinese apps are available for installation in the country according to a survey carried out by Adjust, a mobile marketing analytics platform.

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TikTok is already one of the most installed apps in the country. In the second quarter of this year, there were more than 10 million downloads that generated US$ 1.63 million (about R$ 8.43 million). the interaction with entertainment apps took Europe to the 13th position in the ranking with 6% of the world’s installations.

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Shein is recognized for its variety of fashion products at low prices and is already in front of large traditional retail stores such as Arezzo, Renner, C&A and Riachuelo. In relation to Zara, the Chinese fast-fashion reached 55% of its numbers and earned R$ 2 billion in the last year.

In the case of utilities, Adjust points out that applications similar to the Chinese CamSacner, PDF reader, led Europe to conquer the 8th place in the ranking of installations, with 23% and ahead of the USA. Finally, in the games sector, Europe ranks sixth in terms of installations in this field, accounting for 12% of all global share, which surpasses downloads from populous countries such as Russia, India, South Korea and Germany.

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