Brave Search already has its search engine completely independent of third parties


Brave Software is getting its chest out today by announcing that its search engine, Brave Search, is becoming completely independent, offering all results through its own separate search engine.

The company explains that after the launch of its search engine in June 2021, around 13% of the queries required the use of third-party services to maintain the desirable level of quality for certain types of queries, although setting the goal of total independence. , which has now become reality.

In this sense, after the launch, it opted for Bing as a search engine where it still could not offer the desired level of quality, although in less than a year they managed to increase their independence from Bing, leaving it at 7% of the search results. the queries.

But as of today, 100% of query results are offered from its own search engine, although it considers that there may be some impact on certain queries or on some regional or language-specific results, appealing to users to submit feedback, and encouraging further adoption of Brave Search to drive growth in its index and quality of results.

Brave Search as a real alternative to web searches

This is good news for what is the fast-growing engine behind Bing, but it is also postulated as a real alternative to big tech and supposed alternatives, which is how they see DuckDuckGo due to its search engine’s dependence on third parties. services.

This milestone has been made possible both by the rapid adoption of their search engine and by the wide adoption of the Web Discovery Project, which they explain allows users to anonymously contribute browsing data to grow the Brave Search index. , leading to results that are able to compete on both privacy and quality.

Going forward, they plan to release their own search API so that developers and businesses can create search experiences that rival the quality of search results from big tech search engines.

Bing API uncertainty

This milestone also comes at a time when uncertainty prevails with the use of the Bing API, fearing for the continuity of the Bing service in the face of statements by Microsoft that pointed out that in the future the use of the API would have an “increase Unprecedented” in cost as a result of the OpenAI partnership, putting pressure on search engines that rely in whole or in part on the Bing Search API when their current contracts expire.

But fortunately:

…(and unlike other search alternatives), Brave had a separate index and built-in delivery mechanism (the Brave Browser) to continue to improve the Brave Search index.

This allows the Brave Search search engine to have the ability to offer quality results, also considering the improvements made in recent months by the Brave Search team, without compromising privacy.

Those who wish can continue using Google fallback mixer.

More information: Brave

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