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Brave already has ads, preserving privacy, in its search engine

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Brave is an organization that develops privacy-by-design products, and is now launching the global beta of the new advertising platform for your independent search enginein turn launching the option premium for those who want to have an ad-free experience in their searches.

The integration of the ads in the search results works in a similar way to that of other search engines, being properly labeled, although in the case of Brave, the ads will respect the privacy of the users, being a completely anonymous and private experience regarding the integration of the advertisements in the search engines of the competition.

New revenue stream for the mission to make the web a private and secure place

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But Brave Search goes further and will soon allow you to earn rewards for paying attention to ads with the expected Brave Rewards integration into the current beta phase of advertising on Brave Search.

These are the aspects with which Brave Search wants to be the “true alternative to Big Tech search engines”. Regarding the privacy of users with advertisements in searches, they point out the following:

Despite their usefulness, most search ads track users and violate their privacy. Brave Search ads are fundamentally different: they provide the same utility minus all the tracking and privacy invasions found in other search ads.

Those who want to have an ad-free experience can choose to Brave Search Premium for $3/monththereby supporting Brave’s mission “to make the web a more private place with independent search.”

For those who are part of Brave Private Ads, the organization clarifies that:

Brave users who have opted into Brave Private Ads and are using the latest version of Brave will not see search ads as these new ad units are not yet eligible for BAT earnings

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That is why they announce that they are working to integrate Brave Rewards with Brave Search and that in the coming months, search ads may become eligible for BAT earnings.

More information: Brave

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